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Combine Experiments and Sweepstakes to Learn
What Makes Effective Ad Creative.

Here’s How:
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    White Label Sweepstakes App

    Encourage user participation while gathering and analyzing detailed demographics.

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    Predict Creative Effectiveness

    Learn how your ads will impact consumer behavior and brand perception.

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    Actionable Marketing Insights

    Target any audience available on Google and Facebook for your tests,


What is a
Creative Experiment?

It all starts with a question,
“Who will respond better to our ad, this or that audience? And why?”

Creative experiments help answer your creative effectiveness questions across different segments, including audience, geo, gender, and more. Using a sweepstakes-style giveaway to encourage participation, compliant first-party data is collected about each user’s session.


Ad creative that resonates with its audience

Drives Up Ad Reach
Drives Up Ad Retention
Drives Down Ad Cost
Learn about the Creative Experiments Platform

Analyzing the Data

Once enough information is collected, the experiment data is run through our Statistics Engine to analyze and predict the best performing ad creative based on the user’s originating Audience, Geo, Gender, Age and Device.

Our inference signals are so efficient, our models can reach statistical significance in as little as 20 submissions.

Learn about Advanced Analysis for Creative Experiments

Understanding the Results

At the end of each experiment, you’ll be given a report that illustrates the results. Everything contained within the report is based on the question you want answered, the creative assets and the audience you chose to target.

This gives you focused results and a clear, definitive answer upon which you can build your next experiment. You’ll also get first-party user data as well as visual dashboards which show you the results in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand layout.


Built for Testing and Privacy

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    Your Experiment. Your Data.

    You have complete control and ownership over the data collected during your creative experiment at all times.

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    Creative Confidence

    Build a real-time testing culture with your creative departments. We model the relationships using statistical modelling.

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    Test, Learn and Apply

    What you learn from your creative experiment will help you better understand your target audience, increasing conversion rates and delivering higher ROI.