Apply your results

Analize creative effectiveness by audience

Sweeplift makes it easy to monitor and report on multiple experiments at once. Analyze your creative strategy performance by audience preference and retention.

Audience Reach
Sports Fanatics 183M
Tech Enthusiasts 174M
Fashitonistas 125M
Customer Lookalikes 10M
Customers 500K
30% 35% 35%
70% 10% 20%
20% 55% 25%
10% 10% 80%
1% 5% 94%

Become a better marketer when using our service

SweepLift: Become a better marketer
Cost Effective Experiments

Building a repository of learnings for a target audience has never been cheaper

For as little as $500 in ad spend and a small prize, you can now afford to run many more creative experiments and gain more human insights on any target audience. These insights can add millions of dollars of brand reach to your campaigns by increasing each ad's impact, engagement, and effectiveness.

Average Cost in Min. Ad Spend of a Creative Experiment

SweepLift: Cost Effective Experiments
SweepLift: How It Works
How It Works

How SweepLift works

As the name implies, we start with promoting a SWEEPstakes and end with running a brand LIFT study. SweepLift helps analyze creative strategy performance by audience. You are provided first-party, data-driven insights with actionable paid media recommendations.

HD-CAR System

The HD-CAR System enables you to reach your creative effectiveness goals. SweepLift’s easy to manage HD-CAR system tests and interprets the performance of a creative + audience strategy to inform future optimizations.

We Guarantee:

  • Speedy Insights
  • Actionable Recommendations
  • First-Party Audience Data
5 Steps
SweepLift: Build your Experiment
Build your Experiment

Construct a creative hypothesis and build your experiment

SweepLift makes it easy to design and build creative experiments that are ready for launch within a matter of minutes. The SweepLift team provides a turn-key service for designing, coordinating, and executing your creative experiments.

Running the Experiment

Running your creative experiments will be easy and fun

Running an experiment is done through the launch of a simple SweepLift sweepstakes web app. Your sweepstakes is then promoted to the audience of your choice. After generating at least 150 sweepstakes entries, you have sufficient first-party data from each user session to reach significant insights with the SweepLift Statistics Engine.

SweepLift: Running the Experiment
SweepLift: Apply your Results
Apply your Results

Analyze creative effectiveness by audience

SweepLift makes it easy to monitor and report on multiple experiments at once. Analyze your creative strategy performance by audience preference and retention.

Activate Insights

Leave traditional media planning behind with our people-focused approach

A final SweepLift Study is delivered providing accessible insights with clear context on recommendations. SweepLift’s audience insights can fuel upstream strategic approaches through new human understanding of how to best connect your message to your audience.

FACEBOOK Ad Recommendations
SweepLift: Activate Insights 1
SweepLift: Activate Insights 2

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