Explore, discover and validate effective ad targeting with audience feedback

Run cost-effective experiments with SweepLift to find and validate the most effective ads to show to the most valuable audiences.

SweepLift Will Help You…

Experiment with ad creative and audience targeting

We help you design each experiment according to the use case helping you select the best channels, ad creative and audiences to test.

Validate high-value audiences and effective ad creative

SweepLift surveys each audience to understand if they are the right buyers and to measure their interest in your ads.

Optimize your advertising effectiveness

With new insights on how to find high-value customers and which messages to target them with, you can decrease ad costs and increase the quality of customers acquired.

Powerful Data-Driven Audiences

What makes SweepLift truly unique is that we are a channel-first, market research solution.

Our approach to survey sample collection enables immediate insights activation - because we recruit from the actual ad channels, this improves alignment between channel, audience, and ad creative, boosting campaign effectiveness.

With SweepLift you can quickly validate that your campaign will reach the right buyers with the most relevant message.

SweepLift Use Cases

Validate Current Strategy

Start to understand if you’re paid media is reaching the right target buyer and their preference of ad messaging.

Launching a New Product

Take a data-driven approach to creative experimentation when launching a new brand or product into the market.

Launching a New Market

Quickly understand how to reach the right buyers in a new market and which message will resonate the best.

SweepLift Scorecard

By having the channel-audience score your ads before activating a campaign at scale, you can:

INCREASE spend where you find a high-value audience that loves one of your ads

CUT spend where you find a low-value audience that is not interested in your ads

SEGMENT into a high-value audience when it is still unclear which ad will work best

First-Party Audience & Creative Data

SweepLift surveys help advertisers progressively learn which audience is the best fit for each creative ad strategy. Each experiment conducted with SweepLift produces rich, first-party data measuring the alignment between a given channel, audience, creative message and brand.

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